Mega Brain Splashing 4

Mega Brain Splashing 4

Mega Brain Splashing is an action game where you have to kill all aliens
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Do you like action games where you have to shoot to everything you see? Then Mega Brain Splashing is the game you should download and try. Your main objective is to shoot and destroy all the enemies, because you have only two options: either you kill them, or you die.

In this game you will have to fight against hordes of aliens that will appear from everywhere. Just like if you were inside a beehive, you will have to reach the alien queen if you want to exterminate the alien race. But the task is not going to be easy; the aliens will be fully armed, and you are going to need excellent reflexes if you want to dodge the hundreds of bullets from alien soldiers.

Even though the program uses simple 2D graphics without many visual effects, you'll find that the game is full of action from the beginning till the end. Moreover, along the game, you will find many bonus packages that will help you to get better weapons and recover your life, making your gaming experience more exciting. Besides, the game can be played in full-screen and windowed modes.

So if you want to spend some moments in pure action, then I recommend you to download this lightweight (and free) game.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • This is an easy-to-handle game
  • It has many difficulty levels
  • Nice background music
  • You can play in full-screen or windowed modes


  • There is only one camera view
  • It doesn't have many visual effects
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